Our Kind of Humour – Composing Humorous Articles

With the abounding influx regarding blogging, we are fortunate to have so much to read and enjoy for a variety of subjects. While the input on Technology, Literature, Poems or other related subjects performing wonderfully well it is the part of “Humour”, “Satire” etc which will worries me a little. Conscience, according to me, is a very stylish emotion that has the unique high quality / power to entertain the two person who initiates it plus the person to whom it is attended to. The result being a good have fun that is good for the Heart!, basically.

Unfortunately this art of creating humorous posts / posts is quite a challenging job in that, very often one results by making a poor joke as well as making himself look absurd. This excellent tool of enjoyment was expertly handled simply by Authors like George Bernard Shaw, Robert Lynd and many others who produced such excellent works like “Pygmalion” in addition to our own inimitable R E Narayan, whose stories just like “Malgudi Days”, “Financial Expert” etc were in a school of their own. I read a place that even Bernard Shaw had a taste of his personal bullying nature once. Having been walking on a narrow side of the road in the London suburbs if he saw a poor farmer on its way towards him from the reverse direction. One of them had to acquire closer to the side wall to leave the other pass. Bernard Shaw, not in his finest regarding moods, barked “I never give way to fools!”. The farmer politely moved aside to let him move saying, “I do Mister.” Well that is things i call a good repartee! Adroitness and cleverness in respond, not necessarily abusive or even sardonic.

Do write about comical circumstances and funny episodes plans, no problem. Just ensure that anyone laughs. I know, it is the trend nowadays, to make a dig with someone and make funny statements about the mannerism or idiosyncrasy of that person. Well they are really fine up to a stage. You might find that you start losing your own popularity sooner or later, if you relied ONLY on this kind. Well, prior to I begin to sound like a new social reformer, I want to ending this post. This is not a complaint or complaint against the superb Humorous Blogs. Just an fascinate excel and enjoy with anyone.

Source by Saraswathan Ramamirtham

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