Oscar Wilde Remarks

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1. Vogue is a type of ugliness so insupportable that we’ve to change it each six months.

2. All girls turn out to be like their moms. That’s their tragedy. No man does. That’s his.

3. What’s a cynic? A person who is aware of the value of every thing however the worth of nothing.

4. A real pal stabs you within the entrance.

5. I’m the one individual on the earth I ought to prefer to know completely.

6. I like individuals higher than rules, and I like individuals with no rules higher than the rest on the earth.

7. A person who doesn’t suppose for himself doesn’t suppose in any respect.

8. Kids start by loving their mother and father; after a time they choose them; hardly ever, if ever, do they forgive them.

9. So long as struggle is considered depraved, it is going to at all times have its fascination. When it’s seemed upon as vulgar, it is going to stop to be common.

10. America is the one nation that went from barbarism to decadence with out civilization in between.

11. I at all times cross on good recommendation. It’s the solely factor to do with it. It’s by no means of any use to oneself.

12. All dangerous poetry springs from real feeling.

13. Ah! Don’t say that you simply agree with me. When folks agree with me I at all times really feel that I have to be fallacious.

14. Each saint has a previous and each sinner has a future.

15. Training is an admirable factor, however it’s properly to recollect once in a while that nothing that’s value realizing may be taught.

16. I see when males love girls, they offer them however slightly of their lives. However girls after they love give every thing.

17. There’s something terribly morbid within the fashionable sympathy with ache. One ought to sympathise with the color, the sweetness, the enjoyment of life. The much less mentioned about life’s sores the higher.

18. Selfishness just isn’t dwelling as one needs to dwell, it’s asking others to dwell as one needs to dwell.

19. Society exists solely as a psychological idea; in the actual world there are solely people.

20. By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism retains us in contact with the ignorance of the group.

21. Morality is solely the angle we undertake in direction of folks whom we personally dislike.

22. There isn’t a sin besides stupidity.

23. The great ended fortunately, and the dangerous unhappily. That’s what fiction means.

24. The person who can dominate a London dinner-table can dominate the world.

25. One ought to at all times be in love. That’s the reason one ought to by no means marry.

26. There’s at all times one thing ridiculous concerning the feelings of individuals whom one has ceased to like.

27. One of many many classes that one learns in jail is that issues are what they’re and can be what they are going to be.

28. Life isn’t honest, and maybe it’s a good factor for many of us that it’s not.

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