Optical illusion – picture will fade away if you stare at it

optical illusion
optical illusion

Take a look at the image below. (It might help to open it in a new tab and zoom in). Pick a spot in the center of the picture, and stare only at that spot for about 20 seconds. Try to let your eyes relax there, without letting them stray to any other corner of the image. Ready? Set? Stare…

may take a minuteoptical illusion.jpg

As you gaze at a single spot, all the colors around it slowly fade to white. Think too hard and everything comes whooshing back again. But where did everything go? [The Most Amazing Optical Illusions (and How They Work)]

This is not a GIF in disguise. This is your brain on an optical illusion called the Troxler Effect, or Troxler fading, and it reveals how your mind’s natural affinity for efficiency can sometimes lead you astray.