Old Simpsons vs New Simpsons-Thing that’s happened to Simpsons in last 10 years

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simpsons 1569959183

Mostly everyone can see that the older episodes were funnier, but the Simpsons are still funny.

"Simpsons Did It"

The Simpsons Then and Now

Basically, earlier season’s Simpsons episodes were story-driven. Generally, they were “smarter”. Newer episodes definately are more bizarre, focus less on the story, and are filled with more gags. Still, both the new and old episodes, equally, give us memorable things we can laugh at.

Simpsons Then and Now

New and Old Simpsons

The older shows had heart and morals. The story always had a point. Homer was portrayed as a genuinely decent man who deep down truly cared for his family. He was simple and pretty dumb, but only in an average American kind of way. The Simpsons was a sitcom that just happened to be animated


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Thing that’s happened to Simpsons in last 10 years

1. Flanders and Mrs. Krabappel are married
2. Fat Tony died
3. There were two more future episodes
4. Snowball II died
5. Marvin Monroe is alive again
6. Selma adopted a child from China
7. Patty came out of the closet
8. Principal Skinner and Mrs. Krabappel got engaged but she left him at the altar
9. Ricky Gervais and Seth Rogen both wrote episodes
10. Milhouse’s parents got remarried
11. Mona Simpson died
12. The Simpsons went to a ton of more places
13. More people moved in with the Simpsons for an episode
14. Selma married Abe Simpson and Fat Tony
15. Comic Book Guy’s real name
16. Marge and Homer were unknowingly divorced from Season 8 through Season 20
17. New opening credits
18. Springfield was rebuilt in a different place and everyone moved to the new city and abandoned the old one (you can read the full story here)