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Hi KYM peoples, welcome to KYM Workshop #1: The MemeChart!

As some of you might know, our friend & specialist Jack Candle has undertaken some sort of very good, very powerful initiative to compile some sort of catalog of internet memes in addition to visualize them in relation to a variety of memetic hubs and memeplexes we’ve identified so far[[1]]. Since it will be a large-scale venture covering vast grounds of our own site and quite great for many of us once completed, why don’t help it move along a lot quicker by chipping in some researching contributions!


As you can see, they have work in progress and will be certainly plenty of room for extension. You can contribute to this venture in a number of different ways:

1) list parent or hubsite entries already in existence
2) submit parent / hubsite entries based on earlier submissions
3) suggest further categories that we haven’t diagnosed yet

To get more involved with this project, see the KYM Forum – The Memechart thread or deliver a message to Jack Candle!

[1]What is a Parent Entry?

On Know Your Meme data source, the parent entry condition is reserved for entries concerning popular hubsites (ex: Facebook, YTMND) meme complexes (ex: LOLcats, Exploitables) and behavior (ex: Trolling, Spamming). Right now there, I just named a whole bunch first of all. It’s your turn right now!

meme entry parent entry

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