Officially 2013’s Worst Toy , iPad Potty – iPotty

officially 2013s worst toy ipad potty ipotty

For parents looking to entertain their kids and potty train at the same time, CTA Digital has the toddler potty for you. The $39.99 Digital 2-in-1 iPotty with Activity Seat for iPad, is a child-friendly potty training toilet with a stand for an iPad built in.

The iPotty iPad Potty-Training Toilet
The iPotty iPad Potty-Training Toilet

The adjustable stand holds the iPad in place, so that kids can play with the tablet without dropping it. You can move it around and switch the iPad from horizontal to vertical. It comes with clear touchscreen protectors to guard against  messy hands. Hopefully the splashguard works well. The potty ships on March 1st.

This isn’t the only strange iPad case connected to toilets for CTA Digital.  Gizmodo wrote about the company’s $45 “Pedestal Stand with Roll Holder,” which essentially  lets you mount your iPad to the same piece of furniture that you can stick a roll of toilet paper on.
Of course there is plenty of information regarding child development and their screen time—the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommend that parents should avoid exposing babies and children under two years old to entertainment media. But how, oh how, will we promote eye-tracking skills in children, a purported benefit of the iPotty?
Oh I don’t know. Make eye contact with the baby? Play with the baby?

Introducing the iParent! Constantly engaging your child so you have all the benefits of a kid without actually dealing with or talking to them. Never answer a question of have a conversation with them again! Order now!

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