Odd Subway Event at 4:30pm

4:30 a night the subway stops. No station visible. Anxious views crossed the passengers as they realized each other Attendance for the first time. At the end of the train, a young woman in greenthe pants suit stood in the middle of the car and began unbuttoning his jacket, which he took off and fell to the dirty floor. He also took off his shoes, his pants, his blouse, and the rest of his underwear dropped them inside neat little pile. This made him completely naked. He then moved his hand on his thighs and began to play between his legs.

Finally he is grabbed something cold and metal and very slowly he began to unzipped his body; work in a straight line above the stomach, between breasts, upwards neck, take it right through the center of his face to his forehead. His finger tracing up and down the resulting gap; finally came to rest on both of them side of his belly button. He paused for a moment, before carefully processing the meat besides. Slipping his right hand into the open wound, he pushed up between him throat, attached to several solid objects buried at the top of his spine. Great Trying hard he loosened and pulled out a thin, glittering golden rod. His the fingers let go of their grip and his tangled body neatly sliced ​​down surface of the stem fluid to the floor. SPLAT! Batang remains fair above ground. Flagpole without flag.

Other passengers are completely silent, but hear the body’s voice flopped onto the floor of a large middle-aged woman standing and shouting “STOP THIS, DISGUSTING IT! “The golden stick disappeared. The green pants were left on a hangers, with dry cleaning tickets pinned on the left arm. On the ticket written:


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