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1. Rubber bands last more when refrigerated.

2. Peanuts are one of many components of dynamite.

3. There are 293 methods to make change for a greenback.

4. The typical particular person’s left hand does 56% of the typing.

5. A shark is the one fish that may blink with each eyes.

6. There are extra chickens than individuals on the earth.

7. Two-thirds of the world’s eggplant is grown in New Jersey.

8. The longest one-syllable phrase within the English language is Screeched.

9. On a Canadian two greenback invoice, the flag flying over the Parliament
    buildings is an American flag. (Although the invoice’s now been changed
    by a $2 coin!)

10. The entire clocks within the film "Pulp Fiction" are caught on 4:20.

11. No phrase within the English language rhymes with month, orange,
      silver, or purple.

12. "Dreamt" is the one English phrase that ends within the letters "mt".

13. All 50 states are listed throughout the highest of the Lincoln Memorial on
      the again of the $5 invoice.

14. Almonds are a member of the peach household.

15. Winston Churchill was born in a women’ room throughout a dance.

16. Maine is the one state whose identify is only one syllable.

17. There are solely 4 phrases within the English language which finish in
      "dous": super, horrendous, stupendous, and dangerous.

18. Los Angeles’ full identify is "El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina
      de los Angeles de Porciuncula"

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