Nintendo Virtual Boy – Biggest Gaming Console Failure

Virtual Boy

The main problem with Virtual Boy, there is nothing virtual reality about it. It’s like selling cheeseburger but no cheese in it. With seventies visuals and a nineteenth Century structure component, the seventy five percent of a year the Virtual Boy used available in 1995-96 is really something of an accomplishment. The Goggles do nothing! Well, really, the goggles give you full parallax 3 – D amusement play and you can have it each color of the rainbow. In as much as it is red. Wow, they are not even goggles, since the mechanism rests on a stand and you associate into it. Nintendo has a faultless record with their fittings discharges, yet when they destroy, they obviously need to derail now!

Virtual Boy

The central processing unit is a 32-bit RISC chip, making the Virtual Boy Nintendo’s first 32-bit system.The Virtual Boy system uses a pair of 1×224 linear arrays  and rapidly scans the array across the eye’s field of view using flat oscillating mirrors. These mirrors vibrate back and forth at a very high speed, thus the mechanical humming noise from inside the unit. Each Virtual Boy game cartridge has a yes/no option to automatically pause every 15–30 minutes so that the player may take a break before any injuries come to the eyes. One speaker per ear provides the player with audio.

Nintendo initially showcased three games for the Virtual Boy. It planned to release three titles at launch, and two or three per month thereafter. Given the system’s short lifespan, only 22 games were released.

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