Never ever waste your parent’s hard earned money

father son
father son

Never pressurize your parents to buy something beyond their limits

Son : Dad I want to wear new pair of shoes on his/her wedding.

Dad : Recently you bought a pair of shoes. Right?

Son : Oh Dad! That was 6 months ago. I am ordering some Red Chief shoes. Why don’t you join me ?

Dad (wearing his 3 years old shoes) : Look at my shoes, they will serve me for at least 2 more years (laughs).

Son : Ok Dad. Fine. I’ll order for me only.

He ordered successfully but failed to recognize the sacrificing tone hiding in his words.

He is saving each and every penny to let you provide best education. He is sacrificing everything to give you a luxurious life.

He will never say how much he sacrifices for you. Please realize this and do not spend lavishly.

Always remember, If your parents feel, “our son/daughter is wasting our hard earned money”. You fail as a child.

And one more thing, STOP DEMANDING. They are already giving you beyond their limits.

  Oscar Wilde Remarks