Never do this FIVE things in your life

Free-Photos / Pixabay
  1. Eating icecream from a large tub…cause you’re going to finish it!
  2. Smoking weed first thing in the morning. The day will look better, but you’ll get nothing accomplished except for eating a large tub of icecream.
  3. Sleeping in late. It feels so good but then you miss work, so you have to smoke weed to deal with the guilt and then you eat a large tub of ice cream.
  4. Masturbating in the morning before you get up because you’ll fall back to sleep, miss work, smoke weed, and eat a large tub of icecream.
  5. Dreaming of fucking some hot young man/woman/hybrid because you will have to masturbate, blow your load, fall back to sleep, miss work, smoke dope, and eat a big tub of icecream.

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