Netflix’s Oxygen Ending, Defined

‘Oxygen’ (unique title ‘Oxygène’) is a French-American collaborative sci-fi movie. Directed by Alexandre Aja, this single-location film’s protagonist and solely energetic character, Elizabeth (Mélanie Laurent), wakes as much as discover herself locked in a cryogenic sleep pod. With no reminiscence of how she received there and her oxygen provide slowly working out, Elizabeth’s solely choice is to dig inside her personal thoughts for solutions earlier than her destiny is sealed.

The claustrophobic film effortlessly shifts scale from cramped to cosmic, taking viewers on a (actually) breathless journey that slowly uncovers the protagonist’s previous and the explanations behind her being trapped within the pod. If the ending of ‘Oxygen’ has left you with questions, fear not! We come bearing solutions. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Oxygen Plot Synopsis

‘Oxygen’ opens with Elizabeth waking up in a sealed cryogenic pod. Tearing herself out of the natural cocoon wrapping her, she realizes she is trapped contained in the pod with a dwindling provide of oxygen. The pod’s AI assistant, the Medical Interface Liaison Officer or MILO, informs her that her oxygen stage is at 35%. After her panicked calls to the surface go unanswered, she makes an attempt to contact the police utilizing the pod’s central communication line.

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Nonetheless, since she can’t keep in mind her identify or the place she was final, the authorities have a troublesome time finding the place her pod is likely to be. Within the meantime, utilizing MILO’s entry to info, Elizabeth finds out her identify and the truth that she is a researcher. She additionally figures out that she is wholesome, which she finds unusual since cryogenics is primarily used to protect terminally unwell individuals. The police captain finally calls again and informs her that they’re trying to acquire the codes that can enable her to open the pod from the within.

He asks her to carry the road. Nonetheless, when the road will get reduce, Elizabeth is unable to regulate herself and begins to panic, pondering she’s been buried alive. As her ideas and actuality start to merge, Elizabeth experiences hallucinations of a person and a lady collectively. She realizes that the person is her husband, Leo. Nonetheless, when she is ready to contact the police captain once more, he says that Leo is a figment of her hallucinations.

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Starting to suspect the intentions of these on the telephone along with her, Elizabeth tries to contact her husband Leo however is rudely reduce off by a lady. Someday later, the girl calls Elizabeth again and tells her that she should return into cryogenic sleep if she needs to dwell. When Elizabeth asks why she will be able to’t be set free of the pod, it’s revealed to her and the viewers that the pod she is in is at present 42,000 miles from Earth en path to a distant star system named Wolf 10-61.

Oxygen Ending: Who’s a Clone and Who’s Actual?

As Elizabeth appears to be like out on the cosmic panorama in entrance of her that has to date been obscured from view by her pod’s UV filter, MILO informs her that she is in one in every of 10,000 pods carrying “bioforms.” The ship, carrying them to repopulate a distant planet, has been in an accident within the early levels of the mission and has collided with an asteroid. MILO additionally informs her that out of the ten,000 pods, 9,567 of them are nonetheless purposeful, however that she is the one one awake.

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Realizing that Leo is likely to be in one of many different pods, Elizabeth scans via them till she finds him. Nonetheless, seeing that he’s lacking the scars on his face that she has all the time identified him to have, it slowly dawns on Elizabeth that he, and he or she, are clones. Along with her oxygen underneath the essential 2% mark, she virtually provides up hope however is instantly struck with the thought of utilizing the oxygen from the opposite pods round her. MILO informs her that it’s going to take appreciable time to switch the oxygen into her pod and places her into cryogenic sleep.

Within the closing scenes of ‘Oxygen,’ we see Elizabeth and Leo reunite on a distant planet, having efficiently made it there alive. The bombshell revelation that the protagonist is a clone solutions some essential questions however raises others. We now know that she is a clone of a youthful model of Elizabeth, while the actual, a lot older Elizabeth is briefly seen at a scientific convention. To keep away from confusion, we are going to henceforth prefix “Actual” or “Clone” earlier than a personality’s identify to specify their origin.

As soon as we notice that the Elizabeth we see within the pod is a clone, it explains why Leo, who’s in an adjoining pod, has seemingly healed scars on his face. He’s additionally a clone. Therefore, the Leo and Elizabeth that we see in house are each clones, whereas the older Elizabeth we see on Earth, in addition to the Leo affected by the virus, are each actual.

Is Leo Alive or Lifeless? How is He Concerned within the Mission?

Clone Elizabeth realizes that she just isn’t actual after she sees a wonderfully healthy-looking Leo cryogenically frozen in one of many pods. Earlier seen to be dying of a virus that’s inflicting humanity and threatening to finish it in 2 generations, the looks of Clone Leo reconciles the confusion as as to whether Leo is definitely alive or useless. From a number of clues throughout the movie, together with seeing Leo severely unwell and Elizabeth’s mom mentioning that she lives alone, we are able to infer that Actual Leo is useless.

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Nonetheless, in keeping with the standing given by MILO, Clone Leo is completely wholesome in his pod. Therefore, it’s Clone Leo that we see on the finish of the movie, while Actual Leo is already useless. Earlier than his dying, Leo seemingly performed an essential position within the house mission as he’s seen designing the pod’s reentry and touchdown techniques. He’s additionally seen in high-ranking army garb, that means that aside from being married, he and Elizabeth have been additionally colleagues.

All the challenge itself appears to be Elizabeth and Leo’s brainchild, with each of them often seen as key architects of the mission. Actual Elizabeth was presumably motivated by eager to be reunited with Leo, and dwelling in a utopia with him, even when it wasn’t really them however their clones. As we see on the finish of ‘Oxygen,’ Clone Elizabeth is united with Clone Leo whereas their Actual variations endure a a lot darker destiny.

What Occurs to Actual Elizabeth? What’s Occurring on Earth?

We see Actual Elizabeth, who is far older than her clone, briefly at a scientific convention, speaking about her breakthrough with reminiscence switch. It’s later revealed that the mysterious lady who calls Clone Elizabeth and tells her in regards to the house mission is Actual Elizabeth. Because of this the girl on the telephone is aware of Clone Elizabeth’s identify in addition to the working particulars of the pod that she is in.

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Simply earlier than she will get reduce off, we hear males within the background threatening Actual Elizabeth and telling her to get down on the bottom. The lads sound just like the authorities, hinting at the truth that the mission itself is a clandestine and unlawful one. Quickly after listening to the voices, the road is reduce, and we don’t hear from Actual Elizabeth once more. From what we are able to collect, it looks like the virus sweeping Earth is most certainly going to finish humanity. That is talked about by Actual Elizabeth in passing when she says that humanity has solely 2 generations left to outlive.

Nonetheless, to keep away from panic amongst most people, solely senior officers within the armed forces and presumably the federal government and scientific communities learn about it. What stays a thriller is who’s behind the daring mission to transplant humanity to a different planet. Seeing as each Elizabeth and Leo are depicted engaged on the mission, and Leo is seen designing elements of the pod of their house, the mission is probably going not a licensed one however one organized by a faction to offer humanity some hope of survival.

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This might clarify why, upon the invention of their mission, Actual Elizabeth is apprehended by the authorities. One other chance is that the mission is a licensed one, and Actual Elizabeth is apprehended for telling Clone Elizabeth the reality about her mission as a substitute of letting her suffocate and die, which is what the person posing to be the police captain makes an attempt to do earlier. In both case, Actual Elizabeth is in serious trouble for having dedicated a supposedly legal or unethical act.

The truth that humanity is having to be transplanted additionally presents a bleak image of the state of affairs on Earth. In Clone Elizabeth’s flashbacks, we see the harmful results of the virus on Leo and others. Because the flashbacks are recollections belonging to Actual Elizabeth, who is far older now, they depict a time a few years up to now. Which means, most certainly, the state of affairs has deteriorated rather more since then, and the state of humanity on Earth is dire.

How Previous is Clone Elizabeth? What’s Her Destiny?

As soon as we be taught that Elizabeth is a clone, it’s attention-grabbing to treat her as a separate character and never the identical as Actual Elizabeth. Clone Elizabeth’s macabre flashbacks and hallucinations of struggling and mutilated lab mice present a distinction between the actual particular person and the clone. Whereas Actual Elizabeth is seen confidently performing experiments on the mice, her clone appears to have a worry of them, which might be the results of deep-seated guilt (for hurting the creatures) that has been transferred from Actual to Clone Elizabeth.

Nonetheless, it’s Clone Elizabeth’s age that’s most attention-grabbing as we discover out close to the top of the film that she is simply 102 minutes outdated! Having been asleep for 12 years, Clone Elizabeth wakes up for the primary time within the cryogenic pod. We basically see her delivery within the opening scenes of the film, and subsequently, 102 minutes into her ordeal, she confirms with MILO that her age is, in actual fact, 102 minutes.

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‘Oxygen’ steps away from related sci-fi motion pictures by having a decidedly joyful ending. Clone Elizabeth is seen united with Clone Leo, one thing that she desperately tries to attain within the latter half of the film and virtually provides up. The 2 are seen collectively on the distant planet Wolf 10-61c, wholesome and really a lot in love. Their actual counterparts on Earth aren’t as fortunate, with Actual Leo most certainly dying from the virus (there’s a small likelihood that Actual Leo is cryogenically frozen) and Actual Elizabeth apprehended for doing one thing unlawful or unethical.

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