Netflix’s ‘Candy Tooth’ threads all of it collectively in a wild cliffhanger

You might or might not have binged all of Netflix’s Candy Tooth on opening weekend — and if not, we highly recommend it. As an alternative of a one-off miniseries primarily based on Jeff Lemire’s DC Comics graphic novel, Candy Tooth units us up for a second season with an emotionally gripping, jam-packed finale.

(Spoilers forward.)

We nonetheless don’t know precisely what occurred throughout humanity’s Nice Crumble, the world-changing time period launched in episode 1. However the Sick and the hybrids arrived, endlessly altering life as we all know it, and the world was now not sustainable because it was. Lemire’s comedian got here out in 2013, lengthy earlier than a plague divided our personal fashionable lives right into a Earlier than and an After — however there was no higher time for the display adaptation to premiere.

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Episode 8, “Large Man,” opens with the title character earlier than the Nice Crumble, along with his spouse about to provide beginning. Jepperd’s son is a hybrid, and Jepperd is so terrified that he flees the maternity ward. Worry, because it seems, is a significant theme within the finale; most of those characters lived by immense private and societal tragedy, and people too younger to recollect life earlier than the Crumble have identified solely Abbott’s binary mentality about hybrids: Exterminate or experiment.

This leads us to Abbott, who the present units up as fairly the threatening and mysterious villain, maybe a little bit an excessive amount of. There are pockets within the early episodes the place he’s fully absent — he isn’t even launched immediately — and every recurring look serves to remind us that he’s even a part of the present.

By episode 8 he’s lively throughout, now focusing on Aimee and all the youngsters on the protect. In an oddly civil and deep dialog, Aimee and Abbott lay out their differing ideologies. She tells him that the hybrids “had been Mom Nature’s warning to us,” that people weren’t worthy of this planet’s items. When she assaults the Final Males with fireworks, the illuminated sky provides us a peek at deserted high-rises close by, the final vestiges of a time lengthy gone.

SIR what is your damage
SIR what’s your harm


The hybrids from the protect escape, however not for lengthy. They find yourself in the identical place as Adi and Rani, now hostages till Adi finds a remedy for the Sick by experimenting on hybrid kids. All through Season 1 Adi exhibits questionable judgment whereas hiding his spouse’s sickness, and once more in later episodes when he decides that exploiting hybrids for science is not disgusting however really simply wonderful. He is extra involved that he will not remedy the Sick, as a result of nobody has come shut in 10 years.

And what of Gus, our beloved hybrid hero? After studying the reality of his parentage in episode 7, Gus runs away from Bear and Large Man. It has much less to do with the science than than the fiction equipped by Pubba; because the narrator says, everybody wants household, and all Gus has ever identified was his father and tales of his mom. The nuance of the grownup world could also be past his grasp proper now, however Pubba was his father, simply as Aimee is Wendy’s mom, simply as Bear and Large Man have develop into his household throughout this journey.

Jepperd finds Gus to speak issues out. He tells him that it is okay, that he is particular. “I do not need to be particular,” cries Gus. “I need to be like everybody else!” It is the acquainted burden of each fantasy hero, burdened with greatness and eager for bizarre life. Gus has by no means had that, nor will he.

After six episodes of massive Shrek-and-Donkey power on their travels, Jepperd means that he and Gus go reside collectively, off within the woods like Gus used to. It is unusually variety and heat from Large Man, and Gus accepts — then reveals that he referred to as the protect (now below Abbott’s management) they usually’re on their method. Watching Large Man stoop over after the massive growth of a distant gunshot manages to be the episode’s greatest twist, even when we all know from that shoulder hit that he’ll be okay.

The opposite twist, that Wendy is Bear’s long-lost sister, is easy however straightforward to get better from. By that time the finale has proven its hand, that it is all about bringing these disparate tales collectively. The identical is true of Large Man being rescued by Aimee, and of Dr. Singh assembly Gus (and Jepperd, within the flashback). That encounter is especially intriguing. After desperately whispering to himself “Do not allow them to hear you discuss,” Gus mutters a quiet “Thanks” when Dr. Singh provides him a sweet bar. It is fully intentional, meant for the physician’s ears solely, as a result of Gus instinctively trusts this man. Singh decides to function on a unique hybrid (yikes!) and spend extra time attending to know Gus.

Rani and Adi have quite the mess to clean up.
Rani and Adi have fairly the mess to wash up.


The threads come collectively but once more when Gus, in his cage, leads to a little bit recreation of “Move-the-ball” with Bobby, after which discovers all of the hybrids from the protect. He unknowingly meets Bear’s sister, they usually shock one another by talking — after which Wendy shocks Gus with a hug that each one the hybrids take part. It is extremely touching, and as soon as once more reinforces the discovered households of Candy Tooth, every as legitimate as the following.

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Within the ultimate moments, Sweet Tooth goes full Lost Season 2 at a scientific station in a snowy land distant. The tools picks up a sign — Bear’s sign — and who’s on the opposite finish however Birdie, Gus’s mother-slash-creator and yet one more “misplaced” character who survived the Sick up to now. Birdie has no thought what occurred to Richard or Gus, and his survival alone may carry her again to Colorado. She’s additionally one of many solely individuals who is aware of he is the primary hybrid and the way he was created, which implies she may have the ability to assist Dr. Singh discover the remedy if hybrids actually are a part of it.

However like Birdie stated, they’re two sides of the coin; the Sick might have ended an period, however hybrids are the longer term. With all these tales intertwining and transferring ahead, they could simply rebuild a brand new world.

Sweet Tooth Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

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