Mustard ice cream and it looks exactly like mustard

Heston Blumenthal is one of the world’s foremost chefs. He is famous for pushing the boundaries of gastronomic invention with his innovative dishes served at his 3-Michelin-Starred restaurant, The Fat Duck in Bray, England. Now, eating snail porridge or parsnip cereal is par for the course in such a fancy restaurant. But mass-produced in a popular supermarket chain? You better believe it.

Created to accompany savoury dishes like soups or alongside charcuterie, Heston Blumenthal’s creation aims to bring some fine-dining flair to the home cooking scene. Or capitalise on the pretentious love of big names and novelty.

Although, hot dog vendors could use this as inspiration in finally breaking into the frozen dessert market that’s so jealously guarded by those dastardly ice cream truckers.

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