Mums of idiots in cars: “Stop following my son!”

This isn’t going to court, in fact those cops are probably gonna get in trouble. They’re legally required to stop chasing you if your parents call into the station; it’s also the polite thing to do.

Police: 911 what is your emergency?

Mom: The police are following my son! They even have a helicopter. Please have them stop, he is a good kid!

Police: What is his name, make and model of car and license plate?

Mom: His name is Winston Howell the third, he is driving my 2017 Audi Q7. It is black. The plate is R I C H B C H.

Police: Did he call you? Is he driving?

Mom: Yes, he called me and said that he is driving and the only reason he is speeding is because the police are following him.

Police: Thank you ma’am.

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