Multiple Personality Disorder: Billy Milligan had 24 personalities

William Stanley Milligan
William Stanley Milligan

William Stanley Milligan, known as Billy Milligan (1955-2014) was an American citizen with multiple personality disorders. Up to 24 distinct personalities lived inside him, fighting for supremacy over his body. His suffering came to light when he was arrested in Ohio in 1977, accused of kidnapping and raping three women. During the preparation of his defense, he underwent a psychological examination and psychologists discovered that Billy was suffering from multiple personality disorders.

In a landmark trial that followed, he was found not guilty of charges because of his insanity resulting from multiple personalities, the first such court ruling in US history. His lawyers successfully argued against insanity, claiming that one of the deputies had committed the crimes without Milligan’s knowledge. After the trial, he spent nearly 10 years in psychiatric hospitals and was released in 1988. He died of cancer in 2014.

At the time of the trial, the world knew only 10 of the 24 personalities of Billy. Below is the summary of these 10 personalities.

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1. William Stanley Milligan (“Billy”), 26. The original, or core, personality.

2. Arthur; 22. The Englishman. He speaks with a British accent. He is the first to discover the existence of all the others, he decides who comes out and holds consciousness, depending on the situation.

3. Ragen Vadascovinich, 23. The keeper of hate. He is a Yugoslavian and speaks English with a noticeable Slavic accent. He dominates the consciousness in dangerous places. He is responsible for the kidnappings in a bid to rob the victims.

4. Allen, 18. The con man. A manipulator, he is the one who most often deals with outsiders.

5. Tommy, 16. The escape artist.

6. Danny, 14. The frightened one. Afraid of people, especially men.

7. David, 8. The keeper of pain. Absorbs all the hurt and suffering of the other personalities.

8. Christene, 3. The corner child.

9. Christopher, 13. Christenes brother.

10. Adalana, 19. The lesbian, shy , lonely and in need of love. She is the reason behind the rape of three women!

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William Stanley Milligan peronalitiesThus, according to the psychiatric report, Ragen became aware of Milligan and decided to rob some women. But before Ragen could steal anyone, Adalana took power and raped the women because she was alone and wanted to feel close to someone. The other personalities had no memory of these crimes.

During his treatment at the Athens Medical Center, his other 14 personalities were discovered. Arthur has removed these personalities and is therefore called “undesirable”. One of the 24 personalities, the Instructor, is the fusion of all the personalities merged into one. The teacher has an almost total memory of all the personalities, their creation, their thoughts, their actions, their relations, etc. With the help of the teacher, the doctors were able to treat Billy and merge him into one.

Billy Milligan was allegedly abused by his father-in-law, Chalmer Milligan. His father-in-law would have sodomized him several times and, in one case, buried him alive at the age of nine. It would have broken Billy’s personality. However, Chalmer Milligan has denied all allegations and has never been charged.

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