Mudslide in Shizuoka, Japan

Mudslide in Shizuoka, Japan

Mudslide in Shizuoka, Japan

Mudslide in Shizuoka, Japan from WTF

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33 thoughts on “Mudslide in Shizuoka, Japan

  1. I really don’t understand where the hell you’d even begin with the clean-up here.

  2. Esc_ape_artist says:

    Man, I hope nobody was in that little car.

  3. DreamTheater2010 says:

    Holy shit!! When was this?

  4. superdupersecret42 says:

    The structural engineer for the Red building should get a raise.

  5. largePenisLover says:

    is this just because of rain or was there some kind of earthen banked pond up there that failed?

  6. Shaltibarshtis says:

    If the ocean doesn’t get ya…

    Chaotic place Japan is nature wise, no wonder people counter it by being super orderly.

  7. Man that’s a brutal way to go. Sheer terror.

  8. The_awful_falafel says:

    Tsunamis are terrifying. I’m going to go live up in the hills to stay away from the ocean.

    Fluid dynamics: You think you can escape me?

  9. gepetto27 says:

    How do you even begin to clean that up?

  10. Damn! Red one so strong

  11. teenypanini says:

    Miami apartment collapses

    130 degree temps in Canada

    Fire in the ocean

    Terrifying mudslide in Japan

    I feel like the earth is finally falling apart and we’re all going to go with it in the next 5 years.

  12. moonisflat says:

    Oh it’s Japan – so it will be cleaned up by tomorrow

  13. Shaneblaster says:

    The power of a landslide is just terrifying

  14. cathaholic says:

    I half expected too see a Red Bull kayaker riding it down

  15. Different_Ad8246 says:

    *20 ppl was buried because of this landslide

  16. TheVoteMote says:

    More like a mudflood.

  17. BeerGeekAlpha says:

    I literally said “What in the fuck?!” when I saw this on the front page before I even saw what sub this was posted in…

  18. Commie_EntSniper says:

    Earth has had about enough of this human virus.

  19. Holy shit. Nature needs to chill out in Japan. It seems like there is a natural disaster of biblical proportions happening almost every year over there.

  20. Damn when shit happens in Japan it REALLY HAPPENS!

  21. theTallBoy says:

    A week later it was cleared up and perfect…..

  22. Well, that’s terrifying.

  23. The last Mudslide I had tasted WAY better than this

  24. DickFace899 says:

    And, knowing the Japanese, it was completely cleaned up by that evening.

  25. kraigerex1 says:

    You just know that if that took place in China, most of the buildings in the slide’s wake would have been taken out.

  26. leanonmywounds says:

    Is it possible to outrun that?

  27. welcome to climate emergency

  28. TurdDingus says:

    They just open a Taco Bell over there or something?

  29. Profile-Possible says:

    Damn nature

  30. Slaash1017 says:

    Events like this will only become more common as the atmosphere continues to warm. We need global restructuring of emissions protocol.

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