Muammar Gaddafi – popular and controversial African leader

Gaddafi 1593633492
Gaddafi 1593633492

Muammar Gaddafi had been called a tyrant, a dictator, a terrorist and some other terrible names. He was that popular and controversial African leader that was killed in a drainage canal in 2011. Colonel Gaddafi led the country of Libya over four decades.

He may have been a terrible leader but some articles I stumbled upon changed my perspective about this man. Under his reign :

  • The GDP per capita of Libya in 2010 was 12064.8 USD . It was 7529 USD in 2018.
  • Nursing mother was given 5000 (US dollars) for herself and the child.
  • There were no electric bills as it was completely free.
  • A house, farm land, live stock and seeds were given free of charge to those who wanted to start farming .
  • Education and medical treatment were absolutely free.
  • Generous subsidies were given for weddings, housing and car purchase. Now Libyans have to pay full price for everything.
  • He built the largest irrigation system in the world recognized as “the eighth wonder of the world” its purpose was to supply water to all Libyans across the country.
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His last words to his killers were “ what did I do to you?”

Was he really a terrible leader or were the people tired of him?