Most insane thing a human has survived

  1. Man trapped under a sunken boat in an air pocket for 60 hours.
  2. Man with 18 nails in his head from a failed suicide attempt via nail gun.
  3. One man zapped in the head with a proton beam in a particle accelerator.
  4. Fidel Castro’ surviving 630+ assassination attempts.
  5. Man performed surgery on himself in the middle of Antarctica.
  6. Camping while stranded on Antarctica ice for 3 years.
  7. Man with an 18 inch drill bit in his head.
  8. Man from Japan surviving 2 atomic bombs.
  9. Some dude struck by lightning 7 times.
  10. Man shot 27 times and surviving.
  11. Man stuck in lake of shit.
  12. Air hostess falling from aircraft at cruising altitude (into snow).
  13. Sky diver landing on freshly sown lawn with parachute failure, first person on the scene was a Doctor, who kept his airway open (so many broken bones!) – from a That’s Incredible episode.
  14. Man that had an long iron rod shot through his head.
  15. Man missing most of his brain.
  16. Woman who managed to survive rabies without vaccines.
  17. Man who was able to ski away after falling off a 351 foot cliff.

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