Most humiliating deaths in human history

Muammar Gaddafi- The deposed Libyan dictator was found by his former subjects hiding in a culvert. He was then dragged to a square, publicly beaten and eventually died after being sodomized with a bayonet.

Muammar Gaddafi


Benito Mussolini– During the final days of WW2, trying to evade capture by the advancing American forces, the fascist Italian dictator disguised himself as a common foot soldier and joined a German convoy retreating out of Milan. No change of uniform could hide Il Duce’s face which for years had been plastered throughout Italy on propaganda posters, in newspapers and in newsreels. He was discovered along with his mistress Clara Petacci, at a routine checkpoint by Italian Partisans. They were taken to a nearby Piazza, executed (along with some other officers & members of his staff) and the bodies strung up by their ankles on display. The angry mob kicked, battered and spat on the bodies as they passed by and when they were finally cut down, the women passing by lifted their dresses and urinated on the now bashed in faces.

  Liver Bother Signs

David Carradine- The former star of the series “Kung Fu” as well as numerous film and TV roles, the oldest sibling in a family of actors including his father, the great character actor John, brothers Keith and Robert and daughters Calista and Kansas. In Bangkok, Thailand in 2009, he was found dead, hanging naked in a hotel closet. Cause of death was auto erotic asphyxiation. To quote the great Shoalin Master “Nevah try thing that not yet undahstahnd Dumbasshoppah or buttahfly of soul fly from bush. Oh…ahnd peasahnt girl who find naked fool dead in closet, tell world.”