Most Bizarre Conspiracy Theories About Barack Obama


Fake birth certificates, neurolinguistic programming , BP oil spill , teleprompters, a teenage trip to Mars, and more of the most paranoid and bizarro Obama conspiracy theories out there.

Barack Obama

President Barack Obama attends a meeting in the Roosevelt Room of the White House

▶ Obama participated in a CIA initiative to teleport to Mars
▶ According to codes hidden in Biblical verse, Obama is a reptilian humanoid
▶ Obama is the Antichrist
▶ Obama is gay
▶ Obama’s anti-Semitic poetry
▶ Obama’s teleprompter
▶ Obama is master of neurolinguistic programming
▶ Obama’s planning a third term
▶ Barack Obama faked bin Laden’s death
▶ Obama personally caused Hurricane Sandy
▶ Obama caused the BP oil spill
▶ Obama’s coming for your gold
▶ Barack Obama secretly gave away American islands to Russia
▶ Obama’s mom and dad were communists
▶ Obama is the son of Malcolm X
▶ Barack Huesin Obama was a Black Panther
▶ Obama was born in Kenya
▶ Obama is bringing 100 million Muslims to America
▶ Obama is a secret Muslim

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