More people are killed by cows than sharks every year

Cows are known universally as a domestic animal. Hence, words like aggressive and deadly beast are used for tigers, bulls, crocodile or sharks, but almost never for cows. However, data have shown that every year people killed by cows are far more than people killed by sharks. In July 1916, sharks attacked 5 people in 12 days and four of them died. In 2009, the same number of people were killed by cows in Britain alone.

Surprisingly most cow attacks are deliberate attacks and made in groups. During group attack, cows gather in a circle facing outward. They lower their head while stamping on the ground. The leader initiates the attack and rest of the group follows. Cows often target people walking with dogs. They become agitated by the quick movement of dog and attacks them. When people are walking their dog, the cows are likely to assault them. Cows are known to attack motorist, small truck or even people passing nearby them.

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