Miscellaneous Ineffective Info About All the pieces

Michael has been the most typical title given to American boys for each decade since 1950.

The flag of Libya is stable inexperienced, with no stripes, stars or symbols.

Saudi Arabia is the one present nation named after its royal household.

Nepal’s flag isn’t sq. or rectangular; it’s a double triangle.

Mohammed is the most typical given title on this planet.

Chang is the most typical household title on this planet.

I do not know what number of Mohammed Changs there are.

A few third of all People flush the bathroom whereas they’re nonetheless sitting on it.

The “Arabic” numbers we use are literally Hindu in origin, though Arabic cultures expanded their use and possibly added zero.

There are over 500,000 metric tons of tea in China.

Some Egyptian mummies had dentures.

David is the particular person most frequently talked about within the Bible. Jesus is second.

Angels within the Bible don’t have wings. They’re fequently mistaken for folks (and at all times males).

In 1992, semi-automatic rifles killed 20 folks in New York State (lower than one p.c of the two,394 murders that 12 months). In the identical 12 months, 117 homicides in New York had been brought on by fingers and toes (beatings and stompings).

10% of Americans learn the Bible daily.

The title of the Wright brothers’ first aircraft was Fowl of Prey.

In 1980, there was just one nation on this planet with no telephones – Bhutan.

Malaysians wash their infants in beer; it’s presupposed to keep off illness.

The Biblical account Noah’s ark would not say that two of each animal was taken aboard. Relatively, there have been two of every “unclean” animal, and 7 of every “clear” animal (clear animals had been these suited to sacrifice and consuming).

On a typical day, 46 million People purchase books.

The typical financial institution teller loses about $250 yearly

Solely 55% of all People know that the solar is a star

Nowhere within the Biblical account of the Backyard of Eden is an apple talked about.

In Kentucky, 50% of the individuals who get married for the primary time are youngsters.

Most American automobile horns honk in the important thing of F.

In Los Angeles, there are fewer folks than there are cars.

Most lipsticks comprise fish scales

On common, 42% of the value of liquor is Federal, state and native taxes.

A pound of feathers weighs greater than a pound of gold, since valuable metals are weighed by the troy scale. A troy pound weighs solely twelve ounces.

Cube cubes are made in order that the alternative sides at all times add as much as seven.

Porcelain dentures was radioactive; they had been laced with small quantities of uranium to make them look brighter in daylight. The observe has largely stopped, because it makes them look purple in fluorescent mild.

Within the late Nineteen Sixties many individuals started to panic about overpopulation, and dire predictions continued to be made throughout the Nineteen Seventies. A typical instance was the assumption that the inhabitants of Calcutta, India, would attain 66 million by the 12 months 2000. In actuality, the inhabitants of Calcutta didn’t exceed 14 million by that point. Meaning the predictions had been off by an element of 4!

After the Battle of Waterloo, dentures made out of the enamel taken from troopers’ corpses had been well-liked all through Europe.

A 75-watt mild bulb produces extra mild than three 25-watt mild bulbs.

Within the 18th century, opium, cocaine, and marijuana may very well be bought from druggists over-the-counter, a lot as aspirin is in the present day.

Within the Eighteen Nineties, a fad of body-piercing was taking a number of nations, particularly Victorian England, by storm. Sure, folks had been placing rings and studs in the entire identical locations as they’re doing now.

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