Mental Facility

When I was younger, maybe 10 or 12, I was very depressed. I had an overwhelming sense of dread and sorrow every single day and I didn’t even know where to begin in order to help myself. I wasn’t happy around my family and I wasn’t happy around my friends. One day I decided that the best way to get rid of this feeling was to end my life. My mother caught me and was unbelievably frightened ( rightfully so ). She decided that the best option was to send me to a facility that would watch over my mental health and put me on medication and therapy to try and help what I was going through.

Now I know that was a lot but I have a point. A place that was designed to house troubled teens and children in order to help stabilize their mental state only made everything worse for us. We were beaten and yelled at almost everyday. They had this drug called “booty juice” that they were suppose to use on kids who couldn’t act right and were being too rambunctious. Came out of a syringe with a super long needle. What I remember most about that needle was how often we got it against our will. If we talked out of place we got yelled at. If we argued, they would grab us and force us out. If we resisted, booty juice and quiet room was your place.

I once watched a kid wrap his sweater around his neck and started fiercely choking himself. I went and told one of the nurses and they told me that he was gonna be fine and that he was just wanting attention. Heartbreaking to know that the people “watching out” for us couldn’t care less about what happened to us. Everyone was poorly treated. If you were there for something traumatic they would throw it in your face all the time saying things like “ let’s not forget why you are here” or “ should’ve thought of that before you went and did ___”. The nurses there knew that we wouldn’t protect ourselves if something happened, so eventually I tried sticking up for everyone that was getting mistreated, which only led to more booty juice and timeouts.

I don’t know if they are still treating people like this, but I read reviews all the time of people who are still being treated poorly. I blocked it out for years. The abuse, the yelling and the degrading. I’m 20 now. I can’t sleep some nights thinking about the things that have happened there.

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