McDonald’s employee was NOT fired for placing his mixtapes in happy meals

McDonald 1565128110
McDonald 1565128110

On July 4, 2015, Huzlers published an article in which a McDonald’s employee was fired for placing his mixtapes in Happy Meals for children.

A Chicago teenager, Tyshaun Granger, was reportedly fired from his McDonalds job for placing his “mixtape” in the Happy Meal children’s toy, rather than the usual toy.

Tyshaun apparently included her rap mixtape in merry meals in a paper record holder. On the mixtapes was printed the title of the project; “Tales Of A Real N * gga” was printed on the discs with a sharpie marker.

This article was not a factual account of actual events. The article originates from a website that describes his production as humorous or satirical:

“ is a fictional and fictional news blog that focuses on celebrities, hip hop and urban entertainment.