Mario Party Drinking Game – 4 Player Fun

Can you think of a more perfect video game to make into a drinking game than Mario Party?  It’s got “party” right there in the name! You can play this with whichever Mario Party title you want.  Also, play with party beer, ‘cause it’s going to be gone fast.

Marioi party game

Game Rules:

-You earn a star – Give 1 to everyone.
-You win a minigame: Give 2 to your choice.
-Every time you get passed – Drink 1.
-Land on the same spot as someone else – Everyone on that spot drinks 2
-Pass start – Drink 2
You land on a:
-Red space – Drink 1
-Bowser space – Drink 2
-Blue space – Give 1
-Green space – Give 2
-Donkey Kong space – Give 3

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