Marilyn Monroe on the set of The Misfits

The Misfits was incredibly hard for Marilyn to film, naturally, due to Arthur Miller writing Roslyn, in such a dark way, that seemed to portray everything Miller felt was wrong about Marilyn. Marilyn, while breaking down, was taken aback and said, “this is how Arthur sees me?” In the first scene, Marilyn’s character is talking about obtaining a divorce, and the lines are almost the exact words she said to the judge during her divorce to Joe DiMaggio. In another scene, Marilyn discusses missing her mother and her terrible childhood. Marilyn also relives the worst day in her life, on the screen, in front of the world: her 1957 miscarriage. You can literally see the pain, loneliness, and let down in her eyes. In another scene, Marilyn shuts the door which contains pictures of her 1953 glamour portraits, telling Guido not to look, they’re “a joke.” Rupert Allan, one of Marilyn’s publicists, recalled Marilyn as, “desperately unhappy at having to read lines written by Miller that were so obviously documenting the real-life Marilyn. Just when she might have expected some support, she was miserable. She felt she never had a success. She felt lonely, isolated, abandoned, worthless, that she had nothing more to offer but this naked, wounded self. And all of her who were her ‘family’ – well, we did what a family tried to do. But we had jobs connected to the picture, and this picture was her enemy.”

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