Manhood ceremony to join the warriors of the tribe

manhood ceremony to join the warriors of the tribe
Manhood ceremony
Manhood ceremony

A young brave was being inducted through his manhood ceremony to join the warriors of the tribe. He was faced with three tents.

In the first one was a gallon of plum wine, which he had to drink in one go. In the second was a mountain lion with toothache; he had to remove the painful tooth. In the third was a woman who had never had an orgasm, who he had to pleasure.

The young brave entered the first tent, and after a while staggered out, very drunk, holding the empty wine skin. The warriors all applauded.

The young brave then staggered into the second tent with the tribal members all holding their breath. There were terrible screams and growls, which got worse and worse as time went on, culminating in such a loud shriek that the tribe was convinced the young brave must be dead.

But finally the young brave staggered out, bruised and bleeding, and said, “Now take me to the woman with a toothache….”

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