Man Gets Grounded By Father-In-Law – “Many will say this post is fake and I really wish it was”

A redditor who is in his 30s, turned to the relationship advice subreddit after obtaining the land by his father-in-law. It all started at the dinner table. He and his wife were having dinner with her parents, who they visited on vacation, when his phone rang. “I had to take a phone call and I retreated to the table,” he wrote.

When he returned to the table, his food was gone. Her parents have told her to go to her room and stay there for 24 hours without dinner “as I was insubordinate to interrupt dinner. ” “My wife told me that I should accept to keep the peace. I do not want. Am I unreasonable? Should I accept this punishment? … what should I do to stop this? “The New Jersey native has asked his colleagues redditors.

He acceded to Reddit by cell phone data because its regulations have turned the WiFi off as part of his sentence. His sister-in-law was almost punished as well after being caught sneaking him food. “Many will say that this post is fake and I really wish it was,” he wrote.
Man Gets Grounded By Father In Law
Redditors are stunned by the audacity in the regulations to land an adult man, who is not even their child.

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“I can not believe you are asking is in this issue. Or your wife says you have to accept it. This behavior is extremely abnormal on your PIF name. Just leave, “they wrote in response.

Some speculate that the wife of redditor has probably been subjected to this kind of “abusive” behavior in the past.

“It was probably the first time for him to experience, but for women, it is likely she knew the folly of his parents since childhood, and she may not even realize how batshit crazy, the situation is, so when it came to her husband she thought they should solve it the same way it was “solving since childhood in pandering to his parents, it may be enough to open his eyes just how screwed up the situation by talking to him, “one wrote.

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Redditors give him advice on how to handle the ground, some suggesting he left his wife.

The redditor released an update later, claiming to have received an “overwhelming response” from “constructive” comments to a person even threatening to behead him.

“With my punishment, I realized learned my lesson. I talked things through with my wife and regulations and we agreed that I was out of line to interrupt dinner. We agreed that I will take measures to better boy and improve my behavior, “he wrote in his update.