Made in USA, Japan

made in 1561846200
made in 1561846200

We are sure that you have all heard of one urban legend: apparently the Japanese changed the name of a city in Japan to USA so that they could legally export goods to the US and hide their original place. This legend is driven by the fact that in postwar America, Made in Japan became synonymous with poorly made cheap items. Of course it is ridiculous to think that American customs will officially only ignore imported products that are clearly labeled misleading.

An interesting addition to this story is that Sony Corporation deliberately made their “Made in Japan” label so small that Americans would not realize that it was a Japanese company. A large number of Sony shipments were refused by Customs officers because the label was smaller than it should be.

Usa (市 市 Usa-shi) is a city located in the prefecture of Ōita, Japan. The city was founded on April 1, 1967. On March 31, 2005, the cities of Ajimu and Innai (both located in the United States District) were merged into the United States. Usa is known for being the location of Usa Jingū, the main sanctuary of all Hachiman shrines in Japan.

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Made in USA claims that fulfill the requirements explain the level, amount or type of content or domestic processing of a product; This indicates that the product is not entirely from within the country. Example: “60% U.S. content” “Made in the US and imported parts.”