How The Lives Of US Muslims Changed After 9/11 – US Muslims and people of color turned to Twitter to tell the stories of how their lives were changed

Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

Terrorists are not Muslims. They do not stand for Islam. They stand for their culture and brainwashed ideologies. Islam is not an ethnicity and it is not a country. Colour is not religion, neither is ethnicity. Religions do not preach hatered. Cultural aspects are not religious nor is Islam a culture. Islam is against terrorism. Don’t have the billions of people that have nothing to do with the terrorists, if terrorists said they were doing something in the name of pinnaples then you wouldn’t hate pinnaples. If there is anyone that hates terrorism and terrorists the most are the real Muslims that are taught to never even hurt a fly. This generation has such a great access to information but yet they rather watch TV and listen to far right extremists and racists than read things for themselves and find the truth about what things really are like.

The 9/11 terrorist attacks that devastated the US in 2001 had profound political, economic and social effects that still reverberate today. However, most people do not focus on the impact the attacks had on the social fabric of America, even though they were incredibly impactful.

American Muslims and people of color have turned to Twitter to tell the stories of how their lives have been changed by the 9/11 attacks. Using the #AfterSeptember11 and #After911 hashtags, they revealed the intense persecution they and their families face because of their religious beliefs, how they looked and how they dressed. The following is a list of the most poignant stories. Upvote those you feel most affected, and leave a comment with your thoughts about 9/11 and its effects on the US and the world below.

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