The Lisa Ann ‘This isn’t a beach it’s it’s a bathtub’ meme

Does that’re already happened? You take a bath quietly in the bathtub and a large buxom bathing interruptive to scold you for not having a lifeguard at your beach, and you’re like, lady, “I’m not at the beach, it’s bath , “the more it is only two feet of water anyway? But she insists and gets you out of the water on an observation of shark, but it’s OK because you end up having sex with her?

Well, probably not, and that’s OK! Although this was the plot of a porn parody with Baywatch actress Lisa Ann adult films. Given the challenges imaginable location of an adult film on a real beach (lack of privacy, being arrested, sand … places), the film was rather put in a bathroom. Because as long as the holes are penetrated, even matter?

Given the inherent hilarity to “This is a bath” dialogue, however, the (safe for work) attaches quickly started airing on Tumblr, and ultimately, the YouTube channel The Party download full dialogue scene, which has since been viewed over 1.1 million times in recent years.
The clip has been widely compared to James Deen virus clip “Lemon Stealing Whores” in terms of complete nonsense, in which a couple waxes poetic on their prized lemon tree, as a woman in a swimsuit steals right lemons behind the back.


But earlier this year, “this is a bath” meme has taken on new life when it started airing on TikTok, as users began downloading dubbed versions of themselves acting on stage.