Life Quotes , Clever Ideas And Sayings

1. By no means take life severely. No person will get out alive anyway.

2. Life is sexually transmitted.

3. Well being is merely the slowest attainable charge at which one can die.

4. Males have two feelings: Hungry and Attractive. In the event you see him with out an erection make him
a sandwich.

5. Give an individual a fish and also you feed them for a day; educate an individual to make use of the Internet
and so they will not hassle you for weeks.


6. Some individuals are like Slinkies… probably not good for something, however you continue to cannot
assist however smile if you see one tumble down the steps…

7. Well being nuts are going to really feel silly sometime, mendacity in hospitals dying of nothing…

8. At any time when I really feel blue, I begin respiratory once more.

9. All of us might take a lesson from the climate. It pays no consideration to criticism.

10. Why does a slight tax enhance price you 2 hundred {dollars} and a considerable tax lower
saves you thirty cents?

11. Within the 60’s folks took acid to make the world bizarre. Now the world is bizarre and
folks take Prozac to make it regular.

12. Politics is meant to be the second oldest career. I’ve come to understand that
it bears a really shut resemblance to the primary.

13. You examine all these Terrorists most of them got here right here legally, however they hung
round on these expired visas, some for so long as 10-15 years. Now, examine that to
Blockbuster; you might be two days late with a video and people individuals are throughout you. I
suppose we must always put Blockbuster in control of Immigration & Homeland Safety.

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