Leslie Jones wraps up John Oliver’s Black hair discrimination explainer with a really blunt PSA

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“Look, I realise I am not the perfect particular person to speak about Black hair. I appear to be I nonetheless go to an old-timey barber named Valentino and ask for ‘the tidy Liza Minnelli.'”

That is the admission John Oliver makes initially of his newest Final Week Tonight monologue, earlier than happening to clarify that many white folks do not perceive so much about Black hair — and that lack of awareness (in addition to an absence of fascinating in understanding) can have each private {and professional} penalties.

“Black hair should not be considered, corralled or judged by white folks’s consolation, as a result of it would not belong to white folks, it would not have an effect on white folks, and white folks actually need not have an opinion on it,” concludes Oliver, after giving a sequence of examples of Black individuals who’ve been discriminated towards due to their hair, together with retracted job presents, cultural appropriation, and undesirable questions/touching.

To complete, he arms issues over to actors Uzo Aduba, Craig Robinson, and Leslie Jones, who handle white viewers immediately with a brilliantly blunt PSA.

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