The king Farouk of Egypt steals a watch, from Winston Churchill

king farouk winston churchill
king farouk winston churchill

King Farouk of Egypt, despite being a king with extreme wealth, was a very, very angry man and noted miser. A miser for the uninformed is basically the kind of person who’d eat a 5 bean chili and a packet of soap powder on Monday if they wanted a bubbly bath on Wednesday.

Winston Churchill and the King Farouk

Churchill’s meeting with King Farouk

King Farouk was noted to have the demeanour of a young child, as in, if Farouk saw something he wanted, he’d just take it, regardless of the owner. Along with stealing a watch from Winston Churchill, Farouk also stole from the Shah of Persia’s coffin. Because when you’re a king with god like power and a penchant for taking whatever you felt like.