Kim Kardashian Bare Ass In All Its Glory

Kim Kardashian, whose career was built on a sex tape, being Paris Hilton’s BFF, and her ample assets, has never shied away from showing off her body. This magazine cover is no different. All oiled up & no place to go. They say it`s going to break the internet. I say it`s another big ass mistake. THAT ASS IS HUGE.

kim kardashian paper cover

Break the internet Kim Kardashian

“OMG look at her butt!” will be the words everyone mutters at some point after laying eyes on the cover of Papermagazine’s Winter issue. Calling on Kim Kardashian West, the spread’s aim is to break the Internet and with this large stunt, its possible that might just happen.

kim kardashian twitter

Glass on your ass

Tweet: Kim Kardashian`s Bare Ass In All Its Glory #KimKardashian

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