Kim Joung Il : Information about North Korea’s beloved chief

Based on his official state biography, Kim Jong Il may management the climate and did not defecate.

Like Mao and Stalin earlier than him, Kim Jong Il enforced his cult of persona with statues and pictures of him adorning public areas.

‘No Motherland With out You’
In 1992 the tune No Motherland With out You was written, which incorporates the road “We can’t exist with out you, Comrade Kim Jong Il. The motherland can’t exist with out you”.

Kim Jong Il
North Korea’s ‘Expensive Chief’ Kim Jong-il

Standing at only one.6m tall, Kim Jong Il wore platform sneakers and permed his hair right into a bouffant to seem taller. Kim Jong Il’s trademark sun shades and fits noticed the chief hailed as a trend icon in his house nation.

The Expensive Chief additionally cherished sports activities, and claimed to be an unbelievable athlete himself.

Golf legend – an unbelievable 11 holes-in-one (in his first spherical)
In 1994, Kim Jong Il shot a exceptional 38-under par in his first sport of golf, together with a staggering 11 holes in a single. The outstanding feat was confirmed by 17 bodyguards on the nation’s nationwide golf membership in Pyongyang, nonetheless it has but to be recognised by the Royal and Historical Golf Membership at St Andrews.

Bowling legend – an ideal sport (in his first sport)
Kim was additionally nice at knocking over the pins, bowling an ideal 300 in his first sport.

North Korea’s chief additionally cherished the NBA, reportedly proudly owning a video library of each sport Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan ever performed.

Over 20,000 movies – kidnapped movie director

For somebody who hated Individuals, he certain cherished Hollywood. He reportedly owned 20,000 movies, and in 1978 allegedly kidnapped South Korean movie director Shin Sang-ok and his spouse, actress Choi Eun-hee, to demand Shin produce a communist propaganda model of Godzilla for him. In 1985 Pulgasari was produced, and a yr later the kidnapped pair managed to flee whereas on a visit to Vienna.

Kim Jong Un is such a monster!

Kim’s personal place on the silver display has been sealed in historical past – albeit in puppet-form.

Many could have seen Kim Jong Il in Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s movie Staff America: World Police. Within the movie, the diminutive dictator is mocked as being “so ronery” and misunderstood.

Within the 2004 e book I used to be Kim Jong Il’s prepare dinner, Japanese chef Kenji Fujimoto wrote that he preferred fish so contemporary it was nonetheless “thrashing”.
“I sliced the fish in order to not puncture any of its important organs, so in fact it was nonetheless transferring,” Mr Fujimoti advised the Washington Submit.

Kim additionally reportedly had individuals examine all grains of his rice for uniform size and color. He was a fan of French wine and cognac, and spent US$700,000 per yr on brandy.

He additionally loved donkey meat.

Kim invented hamburger
In 2004 he claimed to have invented the hamburger, though he known as it the “double bread with meat”.

A former staffer stated Kim Jong Il had all his administrative workers injected every day with a painkiller which had been prescribed to him after falling off a horse (for worry that he would grow to be addicted and didn’t wish to be the one one) and upon being advised to stop smoking in 2007 he reportedly had smoking banned in the whole nation.

Confronted with rising famine in North Korea, Kim Jong Il enlisted the assistance of German big rabbit breeder Karl Szmolinsky in 2007. Twelve of the enormous rabbits have been despatched to North Korea to get issues began, nonetheless Mr Szmolinsky was shocked to study the large rabbits have been eaten at a birthday banquet for the Expensive Chief that yr.

Within the late Nineteen Fifties a whole village was reportedly constructed on Kim’s request. The one North Korean village seen from the South Korean demilitarised-zone, Kijong-Dong is named the Peace Village within the north and the Propaganda Village within the South and elsewhere.


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