Kelly Osbourne Revealed Relapse for ‘Accountability,’ Hopes to ‘Educate’ with New Podcast (Exclusive)

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Osbourne and Jeff Beacher open up about their journeys with weight loss and addiction ahead of their podcast debut.

Kelly Osbourne and Jeff Beacher had already recorded 6-8 episodes of their upcoming podcast, “The Kelly Osbourne and Jeff Beacher Show,” when they made the executive decision to “redo” their big premiere.

Why? “I’ve f—ed up,” says Osbourne. Earlier this week, the 36-year-old revealed she recently relapsed — following nearly four years of sobriety. Because of her “slip,” as she calls it, she felt it was necessary to address it right off the bat on their show, which is being pitched as a place where “nothing is off limits.”

“We had to go back and redo the first one, a lot changed,” Osbourne told TooFab. “It’s not because I’m publicizing my relapse, it’s about our lives. And everything that we just did doesn’t make sense now that I’ve f—ed up. It had to be redone and we’re getting there.”

The first episode will now focus on her sobriety, playing in the topical nature of the show. “We’re talking about relapse prevention … the first episode, we’re talking about like my slip,” explained Osbourne. “So I brought in a expert in addiction and relapse prevention and he’s also a sober companion and someone who did an intervention on me back in the day. To share my story as well as educate.”

“Kelly just did something I was so proud of her for, getting in front of the fact that she fell off the wagon and telling everyone and everyone’s calling me like, why’d she do that? I hadn’t even talked to Kelly that week and I know exactly why she did it,” added Beacher, “She put herself in front of it to say, ‘Hey, look at me.”

“For me, it’s all about accountability,” Osbourne said of her decision to be so open about her relapse. “I know that I couldn’t fully move forward if I didn’t tell everybody what I’d done.”

Beacher said he has a feeling Osbourne and their first guest will try and pull an intervention of their own on him, with Kelly joking she had a list of “all the things I’m going to go in on him at” and calling him out for his gambling “problem.”

“Look, addiction’s addiction. One replaces with another thing,” said the Beacher’s Madhouse creator. “I got the food under control, I got more into gambling. If it’s not gambling, it’s the stock markets and the crypto-markets. You gotta get it all under control.”

While the two “couldn’t be more different,” as Kelly put it, they still have a shared experience of battling weight and addiction issues. It’s those journeys that will be at the heart of their podcast, not necessarily all their wild nights at Beacher’s Madhouse over the years.

“I think that’s a part of it, but that story’s already been told,” said Osbourne. “I think it’s more about Now vs. Then and our perspective and how it’s changed. In a sense, like, we aren’t f—ed up or angry or fat anymore. We have really taken a look at ourselves and reevaluated and figured out what’s working and what’s not. Just the situations, even with the Madhouse not being a thing, Jeff and I daily face. People wouldn’t believe it.”

“Then there’s also non-crazy stuff. We want to help people, we’re both really passionate about physical health and how fixing our mental health helped our physical health and no one’s perfect,” said Beacher.

Beacher has lost a total of 260 pounds throughout his weight loss journey, something accountability helped him accomplish during lockdown. After a “crazy OCD breakdown” at the beginning of the pandemic, his doctor suggested working out as a way to straighten out. To make sure he hit the gym, he “went on social media and I was like, ‘I’m gonna work out for the next 90 days.'” It worked — “and I lost my last 60 pounds of fat on my body,” he told TooFab.

Kelly, meanwhile, said she’s lost “almost 90” pounds herself. “So we’re both coming through the other side of all of this self doubt,” she said.

“One of the things we did, we were like, we’ve got nothing else to do, we can answer all of our work emails on our phones, let’s just walk. So we did 10,000 steps every day,” explained Osbourne, who has been open about getting a gastric sleeve a couple years ago. “We had surgery, so it’s like, we can only consume so much as well. That being said, if you don’t do this right, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work at all. We have friends that did the surgery and they are back, if not more than what they were before they did it. It’s a gentle nudge in the right direction, not a quick fix.”

Osbourne said their struggles have been something that’a always kept them connected.

“We’ve always seen each other go through the same stuff and have always been there no matter what,” she explained. “Not to speak for Jeff, it’s just when you go through so much s— with someone, there’s certain things that I can only call Jeff for because he’s the only person in the world that gets it. He cannot hide anything from me. I know everything about him. Him and I fight like brother and sister, we argue all day long.”

Hear them in action when “The Kelly Osbourne and Jeff Beacher Show” launches May 4 on PodcastOne.

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