Just a big boulder falling on a line of vehicles and missing them.

Just a big boulder falling on a line of vehicles and missing them.

Just a big boulder falling on a line of vehicles and missing them.

Just a big boulder falling on a line of vehicles and missing them. from WTF

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37 thoughts on “Just a big boulder falling on a line of vehicles and missing them.

  1. BorosSparky says:

    “Missing them”?

  2. TIL; missing something doesn’t mean it was actually missed…

  3. EndlessKnots says:

    TIL; After reading the comments, OP can’t admit when they are wrong

  4. AlexJokerDurden says:

    That didn’t miss…

  5. crazysemistupid says:

    you have a weird definition of missing them


    edit: they need a damn front loader to un-bury the mangled SUV, how can you possibly maintain it missed? whoever’s in there with injuries and a totaled car would probably argue with you

  6. dufflebag says:

    the only thing that was missed was the money-shot of the splash into the god damned water

  7. Kossyhasnoteeth says:

    Digger guy is like “This is my moment.”

  8. Lets imagine you were that car and the boulder slammed into your arm causing you to spin a bit but not knock you down. You wouldn’t say the boulder missed would you? A miss would mean that the car was not hit at all, which clearly it was. The boulder might have missed the people in the vehicle, but it certainly didn’t miss the vehicle itself as it was moved and damaged by the boulder hitting it. Hit and miss are complete opposites, so if you acknowledge that the car was hit by the boulder (and it very clearly was) then it can’t also have been missed. Miss has a very black and white definition, things don’t sort of miss, they either do or they don’t. You could make the distinction on what type of hit it was (graze, direct etc.) but a miss is a miss.

  9. Skwirlblanket says:

    Your definition of missing is the exact opposite of mine

  10. Starbuilder5 says:

    Why is op doubling down so hard by saying this is a miss?

  11. Jigglyandfullofjuice says:

    Did the boulder make contact with the vehicle? Yes? Then it didn’t miss. It may have been a glancing blow, but that doesn’t change the fact it was a hit.

  12. Spetznazx says:

    Btw OP’s video makes his “miss” statement and doubling down on it even worse. The video shows the driver (passenger?) with blood all over his face and getting taken to the hospital, the truck is completely smashed and buckled on the front and is barely able to even reverse. No it didn’t take the full boulder hit but it took a decent chunk.

  13. they speaking neplease. it’s from Nepal

  14. Juice-Possible says:

    Doesnt look like a miss to me looks like a better thing to say is it clipped the car

  15. TruthFlavor says:

    I think that’s a quote from the insurance company..

    ‘…but look at the video !!’

    ‘No, it missed you..your claim is void’

  16. Am I the only person who is disappointed that the camera went back to the road and we didn’t get to see the boulder make a splash in the water?


    (asking the questions that matter since 2021)

  17. Scarkaiser says:

    Matt Jarbo’s at it again!

  18. And now the traffic gets even slower because of debris on the road as if my frustration and disappointment can’t get any worse.

  19. ViniciusNunesDuarte says:

    when you dont see the armored cannon bettle larva and he attacks

  20. Mithmorthmin says:

    OP must work at the same company as my car insurance.

    -“Sir, we reviewed the footage of the incident and deemed the boulder did in fact **miss** your vehicle. We won’t be able to cover any of the damages from this **miss**. Have a nice day.”

  21. silpabananaking says:

    Gunna need a new pair of pants.

  22. Rrfreemason says:

    Should be illegal

  23. utsukushiiiii says:

    Watch people survive

  24. insertoriginalname6 says:

    Landslide roulette

  25. Krasmaniac says:

    It’s only a flesh wound.

  26. Callingallnerdz says:

    The Goron level in Zelda was always the worst.

  27. Would this cause a puckering or a pro lapsing?

  28. birgman75 says:

    What kind of truck was that though? Took that boulder like a champ

  29. RevanAvarice says:

    I think this thread just turned into a group intervention for OP to do some self-reflection and wonder why the rest of the community is telling him he’s wrong… bro this is a sign.

  30. Bigbluepenguin says:

    OP, please do something productive instead of wasting your short time on this planet trolling strangers on the internet. Your mother expected more from you.

  31. kiranJshah says:

    I take it back, not the boulder but the fragments of it did hit the vechile, pretty bad then what i initially thought. I though it only hit in the front edge but it did hit like half of the vehicle. Doesn’t look like serious damage to the structure but the outer layer is damaged its crumpled in the front part.
    Seti dobhan accident https://imgur.com/gallery/uBOwRHD

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