John Titor – The ‘Time Traveler’ From 2036 had a mission to save the world

john titor
john titor

John Titor became one of the biggest mysteries of the Internet early 2000s because of his detailed knowledge of time travel and its dire predictions for the future. It was something that captivated me while I was in high school and many years of dedicated people trying to figure out if there was truth behind his wild claims, or if they were just a hoax.

It all started in July 1998 on the paranormal radio late night Coast to Coast AM when host Art Bell received a series of faxes (yes, fax) from a suspected US soldier claiming to have detailed knowledge of travel time. Faxes describe how time travel was invented in the year 2034 and tell a grim discovery that no one can move beyond the year 2564. They also warn of the devastation to come after impending Y2K catastrophe. Here is a transcript of his first fax:

“Dear Art,


I had to fax when I heard other time travelers calling in from any time past the year 2500 AD. Please let me explain.

Time travel was invented in 2034. Off-shoots of certain successful fusion reactor research allowed scientists at CERN to produce the world’s first contained singularity engine. The basic design involves rotating singularities inside a magnetic field. By altering the speed and direction of rotation, you can travel both forward and backward in time.

Time itself can be understood in terms of connected lines. When you go back in time, you travel on your original timeline. When you turn your singularity engine off, a new timeline is created, due to the fact that you and your time machine are now there. In other words, a new universe is created.

To get back to your original line, you must travel a split second father back, and immediately throw the engine into forward without turning it off.

Some interesting outcomes of this are:

One, you meet yourself. I have done it often, even taken a younger version of myself along for a few rides before returning myself to the new timeline and going back to mine.

Two, you can alter history in the new universe that you have just created. Most of the time, the changes are subtle. Sometimes, I’ll notice car models that don’t exist, or books that come out late.

The oldest one was a skyscraper that wasn’t built in a near favorite store of mine in New York.

Interestingly, when you travel in time, you must compensate for the orbit of the earth. Since the time machine doesn’t move, you have to adjust the engines so you remain on the planet when you turn it off. Unfortunately, it was also discovered that anyone going forward in time, from my 2036, hit a brick wall in the year 2564.

Everyone who has ever been there has reported that nothing exists. When the machine is turned off, you find yourself surrounded by blackness and silence.

Now, most time travelers are trying to find out where the line went bad by going into the past, creating a new universe, and proceeding forward to see if the same thing results in 2564. It appears the line went bad around the year 2000. I’m here now, in this time, to test a few theories of mine before going forward.

Now, for the future you might want to know about.

One, Y2K is a disaster. Many people die on the highways when they freeze to death trying to get to warmer weather.

Two, the government tries to keep power by instituting marshall law, but all of it collapses when their efforts to bring the power back up fail.

Three, a power facility in Denver is able to restart itself, but is mobbed by hundreds of thousands of people and destroyed. This convinces most that maybe we shouldn’t bring the old system back up.

Four, a few years later, communal government system is developed, after the constitution takes a few twists.

China retakes Taiwan, Israel wins the largest battle for their life, and Russia is covered in nuclear snow from their collapsed reactors.

Art, the reason I’m here now is because I believe a nuclear weapon set off by Iraq in the Middle East war with Israel might have something to do with the damaged timeline. I will test that theory and get back to you.

Please pray that we discover the reason why there is no apparent future after 2564.”

According to John, the ability to travel in time was found in Geneva, Switzerland at CERN, in experiments involving the Large Hadron Collider. Here is an excerpt of what he said about the discovery in one of his posts:

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“The source of energy for the C204 that allows it to distort and manipulate gravity has two micro singularities that were created, captured and cleaned to a much larger facility and” Circular “… the breakthrough that will allow this technology will take place in a year or when CERN brings their larger facility online. “- January 31, 2001

He said his mission was to go back to 1975 to obtain an IBM 5100 computer and bring it back to 2036. Why such an old computer so important in the future?

ibm 5100

The answer is that the 5100 series has a unique feature IBM kept secret for years. He is able to read the old code written before the widespread use of APL and basic and there is none of these computers left to the future. Government scientists in 2036 require sensitive equipment debugging the millennium bug for UNIX, a problem similar to the Y2K bug that causes many systems based on computers to fail.

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This function “secret” was actually confirmed by an IBM engineer who helped design, which only promotes legend John Titor because only a very small number of people ever know.

So if all John needed to do was a computer and go, what was he doing in the display of the early 2000s about time travel and paranormal forums?

John Titor time machine

He said his detours in the years 1998 and 2000 were to visit family and perhaps himself as a young child, but he also wanted to send a warning of the possible future coming. Oh yeah, he also says he has saved the world from Y2K.

Through his discussions on forums Art Bell, John Titor described a future civil war in the United States that would lead the country down into five different regions. Most major cities are destroyed, leaving Omaha, Neb. As new US capital. The civil war lasted from 2004 to 2015, ending with a third world war and nuclear attack that would destroy the world’s infrastructure and environment.

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As the years passed, it became clear that all of John Titor’s predictions would be wrong, as there was no Y2K disaster nor any civil war happening after the 2004 election. However, a post from January 30, 2001, helps explain all this away.  Due to the fact that he was from a different timeline, the events of our future may not be exactly the same or happen at the times he predicted.