John Lennon and Paul McCartney watched George Harrison lost his virginity

The Beatles 1567865937
The Beatles 1567865937

The legendary rockers were so flippant about sexuality that John Lennon and Paul McCartney once watched with amusement as George Harrison lost her virginity to a German dancer.

“At the end of the 1950s in England, it was not so easy to get it. The girls were all wearing brassieres and corsets, which looked like reinforced steel, “says Harrison in” The Beatles Anthology “.

But things changed in the early 1960s when boys, all teenagers, were noticed and invited to play in Hamburg, Germany, where they shared a room.

“My first group was in Hamburg – with Paul and John and the band’s first drummer, Pete Best, all watching,” says Harrison. “We were in bunk beds. They could not really see anything because I was under the blanket, but after they finished, they all applauded and applauded. At least they kept quiet while I did it.

In the authorized biography, published in the Sunday Telegraph in London, McCartney said that Germany was “a case of sexual shock.” “Suddenly, you have a girlfriend who was a stripper. If you had almost never had sex in your life before, it was pretty great, “says Paul.

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“In Liverpool, all the girls wore very rigid belts; it was medieval. Here in Hamburg, they almost flashed it. It was not your sweet average virgin with whom you mingle.

McCartney remembers that he and his group companions were crossing each other all the time during sex.

“It was the intimacy we had … I had fallen on John and I had seen a little background vibrate with a girl under him. It was perfectly normal: you went there, oh … sorry, and get out of the room, he said.

“It was very teenager: ‘Do you use this room? I want to have a shag. “And you would take a girl inside. “That’s why I’ve always found it very strange that John was gay … None of us had the impact of catching up with John with a boy,” says Paul.

In addition to sex, the Beatles take a lot of drugs. “We found pills, stems. It’s the only way to keep playing that long, “said Ringo Starr. “You can buy them at the counter. We never thought we were doing anything wrong, but we would really be connected and continue for days. ”

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Harrison said Lennon would go mad when he was high. “Paul had a daughter in bed and John came in and took a pair of scissors and cut all his clothes into pieces, then he destroyed the wardrobe,” he recalls.