Jason writes a bizzare Satanic Advert


That is proper, you will be the proprietor of one of many “hottest” jobs round, and
have a good time, too! Being the Lord Of Flies is a job with many
tasks, however with this nice provide, you’ll be able to quickly be in your method to
controlling the grim land of everlasting torment!

Have a look at a few of the perks that await you….

* Sending nubile younger virgins to their loss of life, for NO different purpose then for
sexual playthings in an orgy that lasts FOREVER!

* Having NO worries or threats of unions, dethronement, payments, or plumbing
in your new occupation!

* Assembly well-known individuals like: Sen. Joe McCarthy, Jim Morrison, Idi Amin,
and Paul Castellano!

* Coming into the mortal world at will and making offers with unsuspecting
schmucks, and taking it ALL AWAY at a predetermined time, to achieve management of
their souls! (Happy Prospects embrace Adolf Hitler and Donald Mannes)

* Think about the sensation whenever you costume up in a purple tuxedo, and welcome your new
“Visitors” with IMPUNITY and PRIDE that you’re SCARING THE LIVING SHIT OUT

In Hell, there will not be any sexual ailments just like the dreaded AIDS, as a result of
everybody’ll already be lifeless! You will be as merciless as you need, since you
WILL BE BEEZLEBUB, and no one can refuse you!

If what we have simply described to you appears like a dream come true, then WRITE
NOW, and order your new RONCO SATAN HOME COURSE equipment at present!

However that is not all! In case you order inside the subsequent week, we’ll embrace a FREE
TABLEWARE SET that can match any event you give you!

So order at present! And keep in mind, “Anybody generally is a satan, nevertheless it takes a particular
one thing to be the King of Darkness!”

Ship $99.99 to:

Ron-Co Devil House Course
666 Everlasting Damnation Avenue
Loss of life Valley, CA 12533

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