Flying near a crying baby – Japan Airlines unveils tool to tackle horror of screaming babies

crying baby 1569622646
crying baby 1569622646

Japan Map of airline seats shows where children under two years are during their flights. This movement, part smile support the travel service organization, is intended to benefit all stakeholders: it keeps the kids that about passengers who are not bothered by screaming and other disturbances, and puts passengers who want nothing to do with a baby difficult aisles away from young families who are sick and tired of looks angry.

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Being stuck on a long-haul flight to a baby earshot crying can be a thing of the past for passengers on Japan Airlines (JAL), after the carrier unveiled an online booking tool that shows where toddlers will sit.

When passengers with children aged between eight days and two years reserve their seat, a child’s icon automatically appears on the security plan, alerting other passengers who are not yet choose their seats.

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Japan Airlines was quick to point out that the new feature does not guarantee that passengers would be out of earshot of a child screaming.
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The icon does not appear if the passengers had booked their flight through a third party or were part of a tour group, or if there was a last minute change of aircraft, the website of the airline said .

At least one other Japanese airline does the same thing for customers. An All Nippon Airways spokesman said its security maps showed where the children sit “for a while.”

Japan Airlines and other companies have yet to find a way to anticipate the seat reservations for snorers series and passengers fully recline their seats for in-flight meals.