Woman purchased Jackson Pollock painting worth $50 million for 5$

500 million
500 million

What looks like a worthless canvas filled with scribbles in a corner of a used thrift store in California in the early 90s is actually the masterpiece of American painter, Jackson Pollock.

He thought the painting was stupid, but wanted to buy it as a gift to a depressed friend. The shop owner wants $ 8 for it. Terri refused to pay $ 8 for the nonsense, and instead offered $ 5. Because she wanted to get rid of that useless large canvas that no one wanted, the shop owner sold it for $ 5.

Jackson Pollock Painting

Original Jackson Pollock sold for $5

Later, he and his art teacher drank in his apartment and planned to play arrows in the painting. The art teacher looked at the painting and warned, “Looks like you have Jackson Pollock!”

“Who is that f * ck, Jackson Pollock?”, He asked.

So the art teacher explained to him.

He then brought the painting to many art experts and when it was finally confirmed, the painting was sold for 50 million USD