ISIS Creating New Terror Weapon – Chickens

isis suicide chickens
isis suicide chickens

In one of their propaganda videos the Islamic State (ISIS) claim they have been strapping explosive devices onto the chickens and letting them wander into enemy camps, before using remote controls to detonate them.

ISIS planning to use birds as suicide bombers

It is unknown if recently released images, which have been shared hundreds of times, were actually produced by Isis or if they are fake.

However some experts say these sort of drastic tactics, if real, could mean the terror group are running low on ammo following over a year of almost continuous warfare and having supply lines bombed by US-led forces.

An unnamed British man fighting alongside Kurdish troops against Isis told the Daily Star: ‘Isis will use whatever means they can to bring death and destruction. Using animals has little military value – it is just another example of how their twisted minds enjoy dreaming up bizarre ways to kill people.’

Images of the Islamic State’s so-called ‘suicide chickens’ have been widely shared online by both pro and anti ISIS users, although their authenticity could not be verified

Chicken Suicide Bombers:
The US air force have recently dropped leaflets over Raqqa, the de facto capital of the group’s ‘caliphate’, promising ‘freedom’ for all those living under Isis’ brutal law.

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Whether this ‘freedom’ message is also aimed at chickens has not yet been made clear.

It is believed this statement was in honour of Ali-Hussain Chicken who, it is claimed, squawked something very similar shortly before exploding in a military compound controlled by the Syrian army.

The true story of Ali-Hussain Chicken’s demise is currently unclear as one claim that he was wearing a specially modified chicken suicide bomber vest has been dismissed by the military camps chef who claims Ali-Hussain Chicken was, in fact, already dead when he exploded and said explosion was due to an unfortunate excess of Vindaloo spices as he was prepared for the evening meal.

So, are ISIS or ISIL or IS or Mad Bastards really using suicide chickens? It appears there may be some truth in this as reports of said exploding chickens continue to filter to the west.

More to the point, how are they successfully recruiting chickens to their cause?

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Should chicken farmers in the west be more observant of their flocks? How many chickens have fled the west via Turkey? Have they been helped in their quest to join ISIS by Turkey or, even, turkeys?

There is a genuine story in the media, dear readers, that suggests suicide chickens may indeed be the latest deadly ISIS weapon.

  • ISIS militants said to be building suicide belts for use on live chickens
  • Jihadis strap bombs onto the hens and send them into an enemy camp site
  • Suicide chickens are able to get close to top fighters without being spotted
  • ISIS militants can then use simple remote controls to detonate the IEDs

Be afraid. Be very afraid.