Who really invented the telephone? – The Game of Telephone That Became a Battle

telephone 1569095005
telephone 1569095005

The invention of the telephone was credited to Alexander Graham Bell’s father on the phone. Although it was his phone design has been patented, it was not the first person to come up with the idea and was also invented by others. There have been legal battles related to patent applications.

In 1854, Antonio Meucci (13 Apr.1808 – Oct.1889 18) – an Italian immigrant to the US who invented a telegraph system of voice and called the telettrofono. He filed a legal document with the U.S. Patent Office in 1871, the document describes its invention, but does not mention all electromagnetic phone functionality. In the 1880s, Meucci was credited early induction charging invention of telephone son to increase long-distance signals. Due to business capabilities and lack of English, Meucci fails to develop his invention in the United States.

Elisha Gray (August 2, 1835 – January 21, 1901) – An American electrical engineer who is known for his development of a prototype phone 1876. Some authors have said that Gray should be considered as the true inventor of the telephone and not Graham Bell. Because Graham stole the idea of ​​liquid transmitter him. Although Gray had used this idea for two years. Graham Bell’s telephone patent has been confirmed in numerous judgments.

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Despite patent applications of others and all the rumors surrounding it, Alexander Graham Bell was credited with inventing and patenting the first practical telephone.