Interpreter to the Mafia – The place is the cash

interpreter to the mafia where is the money

The mafia was on the lookout for a brand new man to make weekly collections from all of the personal companies that they have been ‘defending’. Feeling the warmth from the police pressure, they resolve to make use of a deaf particular person for this job ; if he have been to get caught, he wouldn’t have the ability to talk to the police what he was doing.

Properly, on his first week, the deaf collector picks up over $40,000. He will get grasping, decides to maintain the cash and stashes it in a protected place. The mafia quickly realizes that their assortment is late, and sends a few of their hoods after the deaf collector.

The hoods discover the deaf collector and ask him the place the cash is. The deaf collector can’t talk with them, so the mafia drags the man to an interpreter.

The mafia hood says to the interpreter, “Ask him the place da cash is.” The interpreter indicators,”The place’s the cash?”

The deaf replies, “I don’t know what you’re speaking about.”

The interpreter tells the hood,”He says he doesn’t know what you’re speaking about”

The hood pulls out a .38 and locations it within the ear of the deaf collector. “NOW ask him the place the cash is.”

The interpreter indicators, “The place is the cash?”

The deaf replies, “The $40,000 is in a tree stump in Central Park.”

The interpreter’s eyes mild up and says to the hood, “He says he nonetheless doesn’t know what you’re speaking about, and doesn’t assume you’ve got the balls to drag the set off.”

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