What are some interesting random facts?

facts 1567447274
facts 1567447274

Antifreeze does not contain a chemical that can kill you:

It’s actually the fact that your liver breaks down the chemical in the antifreeze (methanol) into formaldehyde, which can kill you. If you did not have a liver, then antifreeze would be technically safe to drink.

In space, you are influenced as much by earthly as terrestrial gravity:

Being in orbit does not mean that there is no gravity, what really happens is that you go fast enough, high enough . at the moment you have been drawn to the earth, you are so far to the side that you really miss it, and this creates a circular path. If you do not move, you will fall very quickly.

Nobody knows why we sleep:

Science is surprisingly confused, and the fundamental answer to the question “Why do we sleep?” Is “It probably has something to do with the nervous system.”

Alcoholics who want to quit must continue to drink:

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Since most of the information we have about addiction prevention is nicotine-related, most people think that “cold turkey” is the best way to stop smoking. viable. However, unlike nicotine, which has painful withdrawal symptoms, withdrawal symptoms of alcohol can literally kill you. The chemistry of the body changes dramatically when alcohol is consumed steadily for years and you eventually need it. In fact, the right way to quit is to slowly reduce your treatment over a period of weeks or even months, and even then it is possible to hurt you. This is also why you should seek medical advice when trying to overcome an alcohol addiction.