Interesting and cool facts about squirrels

Squirrels are responsible for planting more trees than all mankind.

Squirrels can detect their scent left on acorns through a foot of snow.

Squirrels are one of a few mammals that can descend a tree upside down. They do this by rotating their hind claws backwards.

Squirrels brush. They clean and sharpen their incisors every day with a twig, although they sometimes use power lines causing power outages.

Despite having a walnut-sized brain, squirrels frequently outsmart humans trying to protect their bird seed.

Squirrels sweat through their feet.

Squirrels live alone.

Male squirrels take twice as long to groom as female ones.

Squirrels chirp at different frequencies to communicate. Some of these chirps are believed to be laughter.

Squirrels don’t look at what they are eating because they are paranoid about predators.

Around 500,000* squirrels are hit by motorists each year. Squirrels zigzag trying to confuse the oncoming driver but this tactic is usually their last mistake.

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And if your mind isn’t totally blown yet,
“Squirreled” has 10 letters but only one syllable.

*This number is probably a wild guess since 92% of statistics are made up anyway.

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