What is intelligence? Intelligence is the innate ability to perform cognitive tasks, both simple and complex

  • Intelligence is not synonymous with success, accomplishment, impact, or originality.
  • Intelligence is not common sense or good judgement.
  • Intelligence does not determine how valuable a human being is, so there really is no reason for all this politically correct bullshit and denial of the plain truth that some people are simply more intelligent than other people.
  • Intelligence is not synonymous with knowledge, skills, or talent.
  • Not all kinds of skills and talents are equal as evidence of intelligence. Sorry, but the average drug dealer is simply not as intelligent as the average math professor. I don’t care how good he is at drug dealing, how much money he pulls in, or how many supermodels he sleeps with.
  • One person can be more intelligent than another person even if the latter has many skills, talents, and accomplishments over the former.
  • Intelligence is not purely what is measured by IQ tests although IQ tests measure intelligence better than any other kinds of tests.
  • Intelligence is not purely “book smarts”. Human intelligence increased over millions of years of evolution. Intelligence helped our ancestors deal with the challenges of the hunter-gatherer lifestyle. It also gave them creative and artistic ability, which helped them attract mates. Intelligence is still useful today for dealing with the challenges of day-to-day life (and also for attracting mates).

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